Kathleen A. Kline MSLS, Principal Researcher


  • Former Librarian Supervisor, State Library of Pennsylvania

  • Former Senior Project Manager and Lead Researcher, Genealogists.com


  • Certificate in Genealogical Research, Boston University 2011

  • Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis, Forensic Genealogy Institute, 2014

  • Member Association of Professional Genealogists


  • Member Pinellas Genealogy Society


Research Network

U.S. research can be done by a network of researchers throughout the U.S. or by the principal researcher through correspondence with local court houses and other sources of original records.


Research can also be done in other countries by excellent, proven researchers. In order to research overseas it is necessary to have identified the exact town in which your ancestors resided. Contact klineresearch@gmail.com for details.

Research can also be done at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.